Investing in Phoenix Real Estate

While the days mass foreclosures and “bargain basement” real estate deal days are now a thing of the past, there are still a lot of excellent value properties for investors to choose from in the Phoenix and East Valley area. The Phoenix real estate market was one of the most challenged geographical areas during the years when there were so many foreclosures nationally.  Foreclosures in the Phoenix Valley metro area showed up in record numbers, creating a large pool of pre-foreclosure (“short-sales”) and bank-owned properties that buyers have been able to obtain for bargain prices. While currently it may seem that many of the “bargain basement” prices have already come and gone there are still a lot of opportunities for investors.

With so many owners having had to short-sale their homes, or had their homes foreclosed on by banks, their credit is, and still might not be, the best. This means that there are a lot of former home owners who will continue to be renters for a few years. This means for the real estate investor, now is a perfect time to invest.

While real estate prices have gone up a bit from their “bargain basement” days. there are still a lot of excellent value properties for investors to choose from.

Also as one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the USA, Phoenix is also an excellent location for the multi-family and commercial properties for an investor. The Phoenix population is expected to double by 2020, creating even more demand and profit for owners of income generating properties.

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