Protecting Your Home As An Arizona Snowbird

Why Spend Winter in Cold Weather When You Could Be Enjoying Arizona Sunshine
Why Spend Winter in Cold Weather When You Could Be Enjoying Arizona Sunshine

“Snowbird” is a term often used to describe individuals who spend their summers in cool-weather states and then move to a warmer climate when winter hits. Phoenix, Gold Canyon and all of Arizona area is a destination for many snowbirds from Northern and Eastern USA states, as well as for many folks from all over Canada and other parts of the world. While it is blustery and cold and people are shoveling mountains of snow where their summer homes are located, in Arizona it is bright and sunny — they never have to shovel sunshine!

Some of these individuals use an RV to travel the country, while others have their warm-weather home in different states. For those who have a home in at least one location, it is important to learn how to protect that home while they are away.

Don’t Give Easy Access
Some individuals make it far too easy to get in their homes, though it isn’t as big of an issue if you live in the home on a regular basis. For instance, people leave garage door openers in their cars and extra keys hidden away outside. While this can be a great way to allow those who are watching your home into your house, it can also give thieves an easy way in. Remove garage door openers from any cars you leave behind, as well as the keys you have hidden. You can always give one to a trusted neighbor or family member who will be checking on your home.

Use a Security Camera
You don’t have to install an expensive security system to make use of a security camera. There are special Wi-Fi enabled cameras that can transmit to your smartphone, allowing you to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Some of these cameras can even send you an alert when something triggers the camera, indicating a potential problem. You can then contact someone close to your home to check things out or call the police if necessary. In the event that you are not comfortable with a smartphone app, you can always rely on home security experts to setup a system at your home.

Unplug Your Appliances
Even though you turn off your appliances and other electronics, they are still using a certain amount of electricity. However, this isn’t your biggest concern. If the power goes out while you are gone, it can surge when it turns back on, causing potential problems with your devices and appliances. When you are going to be gone for a long period of time it is best to simply unplug them. Alternatively, you can turn off the circuit breakers cutting the supply of electricity to your home.

Keep the Heat On
It can be tempting to turn off your heating unit completely when you leave your summer home and head for your winter one. Unfortunately, this creates the perfect storm for growing mold in your home due to low temperatures and humidity. Instead, set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature, such as 55 degrees. Your unit shouldn’t run too often, but it will keep your home from developing a mold problem while you are gone.

Living in two homes can be a challenging process, but if you learn how to protect each home when you aren’t using it, you can better manage both investments. It is a great opportunity to have the ability to live in the perfect climate at all times. Don’t take the risk of ruining your time at one home by falling victim to burglary or another disaster while you are gone.

Not Yet A Snowbird- But Want to Become One
We here in Gold Canyon and the entire Phoenix Arizona area love our snowbirds. If you have been thinking of becoming a snowbird and want to review the possibilities of a home that would be perfect for you here in the Valley of the Sun, we invite you to visit our portal to the local area Multiple Listing Service. There are housing options for all price ranges and budgets. Also feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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